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About us

Over 60 years ago I set out on a get fit program right after I came out of the U.S. Air Force. At that time I was 21 years old, in pretty good shape, married and had 2 children. I served as pastor of a church in Indiana and wanted to be in good shape to take care of the heavy duties of a pastor.

Later I moved up the rank in the denomination I was in, serving as missionary to Israel and Jordan, then was assigned as Bishop of the denomination in Great Britain, plus serving as representative to several African nations. The work load was heavy, so I continued my healthy living pattern, including running and tennis.

After that assignment, I returned to the USA where I spent 2 years in Kansas as Bishop. Finally, I decided I wanted to use my travels and made the travel industry my ministry. I received my doctorate in theology, living in Illinois, Texas, Florida and finally my retirement in Georgia.

I lost my first wife to pancreatic cancer and vowed to do everything possible to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Currently, I am retired, living with my second wife, who is in the Estate Sale business and doing personal training at the local health club.

I have pledged myself to provide a website filled with healthy information and resources. Please feel free to leave me your comments and questions and I will be glad to help you, or direct you to other resources for information.

To your good health

Joe T. White, ThD